Why do we need Brand Communication?

Brand communication, in simple terms, is essentially how the brand speaks to its stakeholders with the purpose of positioning itself correctly in the minds of consumers. It is a crucial part of marketing while creating, communicating, and delivering value.

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Why does the brand need to speak?

It can be for a multitude of reasons, foremost being the need to relate to the consumers. Today, the consumers do not want to inquire about the product or service, as most of the products today are easily replicable in terms of design and performance. Therefore, the differentiating factor that remains is the brand and its communication. It could be through design or creative ads that consumers can comprehend what the brand believes in and whether it’s relevant to them. A company builds its brand equity through consistent brand communication and delivering value.\

Brand Communication at CupShup
A team communicating brands at CupShup

What are the avenues of communication?

With the advent of digital technology and its integration, the lines between traditional marketing and digital are blurring. Omni-channel strategy is seemingly taking shape as the way forward to generate maximum ROI for brands. To illustrate, the most commonly accepted mediums to communicate are as follows:

  • Television
  • Print
  • Radio
  • Outdoor
  • Digital & Social Media

However, brands often need to speak across channels and communicate the same message. The tonality of the message depends on the type of consumers the business caters to, and the organizational ethics. All of this reflects in the content in marketing.

Moreover, for e-commerce or digital brands, website design plays a crucial role in the ‘Visual’ and ‘Experience’ parts of brand communication.

Another modern way of reaching particular cohorts in different geographies is through influencers in marketing. The brands leverage their voice and reach to create awareness and leads along with the influencers. This model is highly lucrative, with 5-6 times more ROI on marketing expenditure.

Today advertising agencies handle all communication aspects for brands as experts in understanding the consumers and designing tailor-fit solutions for brands to be seen, heard, and engaged with their TG. By adopting digital and traditional advertising, agencies are now called growth partners for brands. With creativity and innovation of ideas being the key aspects of the teams, digital assets, and offline activations, are the sought-after services for agencies.

CupShup is a 360-degree agency that not only promotes, educates, and activates brands on the streets but also integrates digital media for holistic branding. The brand objective being at the helm, we create and communicate marketing plans from scratch and handhold clients to their best potential markets. Whether it’s engaging outdoor branding or creative digital promotions to reach consumers on social media, all is taken care of to establish-what your brand is and why it exists?

Baibhav Das

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