Why Brands Still Use Facebook

How relevant is Facebook?

Many folk would associate Facebook as a thing of the past. True gone are the days that we used Facebook for our entertainment and social recreations, yet there’s no denying that Facebook has been instrumental in developing life to new extents unseen or unheard of at the time.

Well it would be a crying shame when I got to know that the place where I visited for an endless stream of memes and jokes is now considered old or boomer (ouch).* Oh well, how the time files!*

But it’s 2022, and I’m here to say that Facebook has a lot to offer, despite Gen Z’s taking over the internet with Instagram, Snapchat, TikTok, and other *what not* platforms.

Popular still?

You may wonder with the rise of new social media platforms, how does Facebook fare? Is the Digital Media Platform still popular? 

Contrary to popular belief, Facebook is still popular, falling short on Google and YouTube in the pecking order. Not too bad for a social media platform that’s considered on the decline.

But hey, it’s all about the numbers after all! Facebook is pretty well known and easily recognizable by all digital users. The symbolic logo and its color tone adds a bit of an established comprehension among the minds of both the young and the old.

But it’s not as if no one’s heard of Facebook, people have, most even have multiple accounts on there.


Well who’s to say Facebook is featureless? I mean from letting people know where you ate last, to having groups to buy and sell commodities shows how far Facebook has come, and what a hub it strives to be online.

Facebook Marketplace

From sharing images and videos of your loved ones, to effectively trading and setting up businesses (on Facebook Marketplace), Facebook allows you to bring a little bit more of your life online. You can effectively buy and sell your products if you have a business, or old valuable goods that you no longer need. 

Facebook Ads

But what are businesses without spreading the word? Enter stage left, Facebook Ads! Relatively easy to start with, Facebook Ads assist you in advertising your business over the Facebook Domains. Products, groups, Webinars, you name it! 

META Integrations

It’s quite commonly known that Facebook has acquired mainstream social media platforms like Instagram and the people’s favorite Whatsapp, Only acquiring them doesn’t seem to be Facebook’s points of action, as the mega tech company has allowed various integrations between each platform that allow seamless interactions between them. 


With a rise in cyber attacks, Facebook has taken up the mantle of increasing privacy for the platforms. Inspired by Whatsapp’s encrypted messaging service, Facebook seeks to roll this out across all acquired platforms, so you can worry less about breach of privacy.

Getting with the times

It’s no secret that short form content has taken the world by storm. TikTok and Instagram are living examples of this boost in trend. Features like Instagram stories, Reels, and TikToks have grabbed the attention of many social media consumers and creators alike. Facebook too has similar short form content features that rival those of Instagram or TikTok. 

We even covered Integration where we should also make a short mention on how posts, stories, and reels on Instagram can be shared on Facebook as well, as long as the account owner is the same.

Entering the Metaverse

With Facebook officially changing their name to Meta, the tech giants introduced the Metaverse, early 2022, with many using the platform mid July 2022. The Virtual / Augmented Reality with a core focus on social interaction and connection has brought a new perspective on how we now can socially interact with others online. Say goodbye to two dimensional interactions over emails, chats, or even social media for that matter, as Metaverse aims to bring augmented reality to your fingertips, or oculus rifts ;). However, the Metaverse is now in its infancy and will take time to implement more features that it was truly intended for.

Until then, let’s use what Facebook has to offer to the fullest!

Industry Leader?

Presenting how much Facebook has to offer, from social recreation, to promoting and conducting businesses, to starting advertising campaigns, to creating public and private groups, and setting up events for all or for invites only, the list goes on, and the possibilities to utilize Facebook only indicate how much of a powerhouse the Social Media Platform truly is.