What We Talk About When We Talk About Activations

Here's what we think about Activating your Brand

3 min read

We could all use some extra hype. Our agency peeps would agree. Living in the world of receding attention spans, with one reel at a time, ways to get them by their horns has been more challenging than ever. To your rescue there is a solution which was crafted just for times like these, comes brand activations.

Brand activations are putting your product in the hands of people who need it. Quite literally. As much as we would like to believe otherwise, consumers love to be spoon-fed. Brand activations puts the same forward. In the set context, the brand uses original and exciting techniques to get its product out into the hands of future super fans. Context being the key word, your activation campaign is racing without batteries without it. Brand activation is also when a consumer is physically engaging with a brand in any way. An influencer, a pop up shop, in-store events, sampling campaigns, digital marketing campaigns etc.

To illustrate the aspect of brand activations the best, let’s take the example which hit home the best. Kumbh Mela. This religious affair takes place periodically is one of the most awaited events by the devotees but more so for the brands. Given the benefit of two most important campaigns to convert campaigns, scalability and relevance, many brands hit the iron while it was hot. Including Hamam with its waterproof sarees for women to take a dip in holy water without hesitation, LifeBuoy which distributed plates with the watermark ‘Khane se pehle kripya apne haath dho le’ while putting forth the trigger the habit of washing hands before eating. Be useful to your customers and they buy it, brand activation made basic.

So if you are in two minds for using brand activations. Take the plunge.

There is no cost-effective way to garner an emotional response, converting sales, using data to your advantage and proofing your profit other than activations. And when you do run out of ways to accept it, walk in to Cupshup, we love brand activations enough to make brands love it too.