Understanding Integrated Marketing at CupShup

CupShup’s stance on Integrated Marketing

As far as marketing goes, it's perplexing at times to elucidate the various types of marketing. But that’s not what we’re here for, or more specifically we’re exploring the Integrated Marketing avenue, and how CupShup leverages its features for their clientele.

Why even turn our attention to Integrated Marketing in 2022?? Well, Integrated Marketing offers one a larger spectrum to spread your brand’s message across for your target demographic. A more widened approach, unlike a single based method to attract an audience against a rising competitor. These attempts are more sought after in 2022 than the conventional approaches which seemingly tend to give an illusion of a simpler marketing practice.

It’s not sufficient enough that brand messages are advertised one message per platform. More often than not these tend to give a complicated message to consumers as they visit multiple platforms, yet they come across two messages of a brand, each with a different meaning. This is where Integrated Marketing walks in.

With message ambiguity being one of the issues resolved, Integrated Marketing helps businesses and brands achieve delivering their messages multiple platforms wide! Today, Integrated Marketing Agencies create Integrated Marketing Strategies for brands and businesses alike. 

Allow me to showcase how CupShup, being an up and coming Integrated Marketing Agency, goes through Integrated Marketing. But first, let’s get to know the Marketing Practice briefly.

What Is Integrated Marketing?

As simple as it goes, Integrated Marketing is a strategy to implement a message across all available platforms on which your brand advertises on. You can even consider Integrated Marketing to be as important as other marketing strategies as without it, one may be at risk delivering brand messages in an ambiguous manner, causing confusion, disconnection, or even disinterest among consumers.

Why Use Integrated Marketing?

Using Integrated marketing has its perks. Brands who grow at exponential rates tend to follow these methods to increase their traffic online and offline too. Here are some ways you would benefit from using Integrated Marketing:

Creating a popular plotline

Despite brands and companies churning out advertisements almost every day of the year, a very few catch on. I’d like to attribute this to our attention span being compared to that of a Goldfish’s, but then again, there are certain things that linger in the minds of consumers. If I were to poke your brain and dive deep into nostalgia, perhaps I can remind you of a familiar jingle associated with an advert you’d come across as a child? Or how a brand can associate itself with daily lingo by endlessly exposing consumers to catchy, funny, or even mind opening advertisements? 

Therein lies our initial reason to cater towards Integrated Marketing. Some things are hard to remember, but others hard to forget. Imagine passing by a billboard on the way home, only to see a near-exact copy of the advertisement during the intervals of your favorite show?

This increases the likelihood of consumers coming onboard with being accustomed to purchasing your services more than initially recorded. 

Supplying the best Customer Experience

I couldn’t stray further from the truth, but it indeed is quite evident that to reach the pinnacle of any business, it’s paramount to ensure that your customers are treated with the utmost respect and provided with the best experience possible. 

The more satisfied your customers are, the better is the performance of your marketing campaigns. Consumers appreciate brands that aren’t inconsistent with their brand messages, a bonus even when the message is so crystal clear that they understand what the brand can provide for them.

Budgeting Marketing Campaigns get better each time

I’ve mentioned this before, Integrated Marketing allows brands and marketers to spread a common brand message across multiple channels or platforms. With this, the content generated is often repeated, creating new content for each platform becomes completely avoidable. This inadvertently allows brands to cut down on costs incurred during development.

…This implies…

From the above points, it’s safe to say that Integrated Marketing does improve your Marketing Campaign’s performance. How so? Well from providing Consistency in your brand message, to Continuity between different channels or platforms, to having each message be Complementary to each other, and being Coherent to the consumer, Integrated Marketing leads the way to have a better Marketing Campaign and the performance recorded would often back this claim. 

Allow me to take you through the previous point in a more detailed perspective, calling it the Guidelines of Integrated Marketing.


The previous paragraph had me briefly introduce you to four different aspects of Integrated Marketing. Here, we’re only going to check them out on how they contribute to making an Integrated Marketing Campaign successful.


As we now understand that with Integrated Marketing, we utilize multiple platforms and channels to spread brand messages across. This would mean that not all of the brand message can be relayed in each of the platforms chosen in the campaign. 

Therefore, it's imperative that the crux of the brand message is relayed across all channels, irrespective of the aspects that differ in each platform. For instance, TVs, Social Media, can relay messages on loop, however static channels like billboards don’t have that capability. Therein lies the need to ensure that the messages remain Coherent across the media channels selected. 


It wouldn’t be consistent if each channel had a different look and feel for a brand message intended to be the same across all channels. Color, font, sizing of each component, logos, and much more must be Consistent across channels. 

For instance, Apple stores look very similar to the online webstore that they have running, implying that the consumers can experience the Apple experience either online or offline.


The flow of information is vital to every Marketing Campaign, and it’s no stranger to Integrated Marketing too. Every brand message must have some kind of connection as one would whilst telling a story. 

Therefore, each part of your campaign can either lead on to the next with proper transitions, or introduce a sort of past unknown to consumers to build a sense of tradition among the masses.


When you take the term “bounce ideas off each other” to a whole new level, you get Integrated Marketing Campaigns which have multiple messages that work together to provide a brand new meaning to your brand, in forms of wit, exciting, or visually stimulating messages. 

This form of marketing Complements each brand value with each other, forming a relationship that can boost appeal among consumers and target audience alike.


In contrast to conventional marketing, Integrated Marketing paves the way to attract more consumers with efficient performance, reduced costs, improved customer experience, and a consistent story for all to follow. 

At CupShup, we value these key elements of Integrated Marketing and provide our clientele with the same in each Integrated Marketing strategy. 

Our expansion to platforms grows steadily, with our performance sparking responses from target audiences and consumers. 

Stay Tuned as we have more content for your viewing pleasure