RWA Activation, Not A Thing Of Past

Residential Welfare Association (RWA) is a revolution that has already happened to Advertising while we are busy chasing the ‘next big thing’. It’s here and within your reach.

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Whoever said ‘specialisation’ is for insects’ definitely did not belong to the ad-land. While we are busy fine tuning the deliverables with the brief, the target audience with the ongoing trend, we forget RWA solves the primary two which converts the idea into commerce. Direct communication with relevant TG. Rest is noise.

In the interesting mix of all that RWA has to offer, from mega events, game shows, cultural events,musical events, food stalls; the ways to approach the prospective client is multiple. The client has the opportunity to go further micro in the TG. If you are a brand that’s looking to introduce your product or shoot the plummeting sales, without making a hole in your accounts, RWA is the way forward.

Building Customer Base? Check!

This promotes lead generation and promotion of business activities.

Evaluating Business strategy? Check!

You have a constant loop to get feedback from customers and suggestions.

Creating Awareness? Check!

Active engagement helps both the customer and the brand understand each other.

Engagement? Check!

You don’t have to get those surveys filled to know the pulse of the audience, you have the opportunity to talk it out.

Now that must make you wonder, if the idea is just as feasible when the world is still in the clutches of Covid-19. It is. In comparison to the market places and malls, it is safer. Provided you take the necessary precautions, of course.

So take the next best opportunity to do RWA activation in the societies near you. Consumers may be the king, but a group of soldiers with a strategy are just as competent.

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