Importance of Illustrations

Illustrations are a huge part of our everyday life. Likewise, they are a huge part of Creative advertising. It indicates the brand personality and the kind of communication the brand wants to use

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Social media content creation would not be complete without the influence of illustrations and unique art styles for each brand. Sharing stories and controlling the narrative that the company is trying to convey to its customers.

Advantages to social media are that there are some creative freedoms with the art styles that can be used, allowing for a flexible Media Plan. Media plans will depend on the time taken to create content and its cost.

If the time taken is reduced and the illustrations are more simple, it can allow for better moment marketing and quick changes to content before the final version goes to the public

Build Brands 

Integrated marketing involves similar branding and art styles to be followed in every form of communication which creates a unified message being sent to the customers.

Illustrations allow for this kind of branding to be maintained since it is not just the written copies but also the design language that can build the brand. The design language is very important due to its nature of defining the brand's persona and its perception by the public. 

Simplicity of Illustrations in CupShup

Building brands requires a content strategy followed by very thorough content planning. This facilitates the vision for the brand. Based on these aspects, the Illustration format and design are decided upon. Keeping this consistent throughout the communication and relevant to the  times is very important. Illustration changes are based upon many factors, some internal and some external.

Depending on the situation and the current market condition, we will have to change the context of communication. The tone of communication and the illustrations drive a lot of this messaging visually.

David Caleb