How Digital Media Integrations are Driving Offline Campaigns?

Digital and traditional marketing have reached the point of inflection where both go hand-in-hand for businesses to maximize their ROI

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Brands are now looking forward to innovative fronts to leverage the benefits of all the channels. The value of traditional outdoor marketing has not lost its charm as it is still the best medium for creating awareness and visibility of the brands. With the coming up of digital media, the tracking of campaigns has become seamless.

Promoting your business boldly and creatively seems to be working along with digital integration, as most target consumers own a smartphone. The goal remains to show, tell and engage consumers with the brand. The ways of communication are what is getting interesting.

Integration of technology in marketing has led to more innovative advertisements and engagement.

With DOOH banners and display ads in most metro cities globally, brand visibility has become dynamic, and creativity is what catches the eye. Therefore, a simple QR code in a mailer or URL directing the user to the landing page to complete an action is another simple way of engaging customers and rewarding loyalty. Even in event marketing, brands plug in their social media handles in the form of photo booths and other branding avenues to create tangible associations with consumers.

However, brands have also gone above and beyond to leverage technology and digital to market products. Just recently, Mumbai's night sky was lit up by drones for the release of Mayhem Studio's 'Underworld Gang Wars.' Essentially, they aligned drones with lights to represent battle royale icons like a gun or soldier then the drones were aligned to form a QR code that directed the users to the teaser of the game after scanning. Such a spectacle grabs the eyeball and promotes the brand as a disrupter in cluttered markets. 

From quirky QR code placements to 3D billboards, various out-of-the-box ideas are being implemented to gain traction and build brand equity. There is also smart channelizing of digital networks to better understand consumers through market experiments, surveys, and A/B testing. Therefore, leveraging digital in events, outdoor, and other campaigns proves to be a contemporary form of marketing with a purpose. Another aspect that consumers appreciate, is when companies are consistent with their brand message and in turn, their brand identity.

Baibhav Das