Esports in CWG: Are brands ready for the next level?

Industry players say the Commonwealth Esports Championships is a great opportunity for marketers and advertisers due to the scale and reach of the event

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Sidharth Singh, Co-Founder, CupShup, says India is perfectly poised to make the best use of the seismic shift in perception that esports is undergoing.

“With close to 700 million smartphone users, cheap data services and high-speed internet connectivity, and the interest of Indians spilling over to sports other than cricket are all good signs for the gaming and esports industry.”

Singh goes on to say that despite a relatively younger demographic and tech-savvy population, India contributes only 1% to the ecosystem, much lower as compared to the US and China.

“With awareness of global sporting events like Olympics and CWG transcending metro cities and going to Tier 2 and 3 cities, it can give a big fillip to the industry.”

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