Digital markets and social media trends booming growth for brands

An insight to how Digital markets and social media trends prove to be a blessing for brands in 2022

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Digital marketing post-2020 has taken an enormous shift, and brands are now more receptive to consumer touchpoints on digital media. 

Businesses must know how their potential customers are behaving, consuming, and navigating on the vast platform that is now digital.

The most common trend seen post-pandemic was that more consumers are now digitally savvy. 

This directly results in more consumer data that strengthens companies' marketing arsenal and is useful for launching campaigns using the correct strategy to increase market share. 

The digital experiences today impact the way the consumer will interact, engage and finally buy from a brand, and most importantly, it sets the first impression for the customer.

Given the increased spending on digital platforms by companies to be seen and heard, advertising on social media like YouTube is attracting traditional advertisers to shift their spending to new-age digital platforms. 

In 2021 itself, YouTube ad revenue beat Netflix's global revenue for Q4 clocking $8.6 billion. 

Other social media platforms have observed massive social commerce integration, i.e., shopping on social media. 

Therefore, companies are investing resources to market diverse products and services on these platforms, most notably Instagram. 

Creating attractive shopping windows, with multiple images of products and key-word rich descriptions that make the ads more visible to potential customers. Effective social media management can optimize resources for brands with traceable outputs.


Creativity is another element that is flowing through social platforms and is giving high returns to companies. Free access is both the boon and bane of digital media. Innovative and engaging creatives are what’s catching the consumer’s eye in the digital clutter. Companies are seeking content creators to engage their audiences with fruitful content and product marketing. The local community reach of social media influencers is another highly efficient medium for companies and is yielding higher returns than most traditional forms of marketing.

To sum it up, marketing has expanded into every medium through which consumers can be targeted, and digital marketing offers effective tools for targeting better than all other media. Omnichannel Strategy, Integrated Marketing, and 360-degree Branding are some of the new lingos marketers today use to expand further into the digital medium and leverage the benefits of all channels. 

Thus, digital is no longer seen as a subsidiary tool for markers but more of a revenue stream through which businesses expand.

Baibhav Das