Bad News. Your Content Is Not Enough.

No, we don’t mean to bum you out in the middle of the week. But what if I told you, this could rather help?

2 min read

We are bombarded by content everyday, across all social media platforms. The ads have increased to a point when people choose to rather pay for not watching ads. What that does not equal to the crash and burn of content business, it does put a few things in perspective about content marketing and content strategy.

Think of content market as free market. Private Property. Economic Freedom. Consumer Sovereignty. Competition. Profit. Voluntary Exchange. Limited Government Involvement. No entry barriers.

You can have it all or lose it all, depending on your strategy. You can’t just keep punching content. Have fun with it. But first, have a strategy.

First, answer the why. What is it that you want out of this strategy. A longer contact list. Website hits. More sales. more engagement. Store walk-in. Keeping that in mind and following through it from an idea to impression, will result in fruition. Second, answer the who. We are a community of 3 billion out of which more than half have access to internet. In the pool as diverse, who qualify as an audience of your product. Once that is achieved, it will be easier for you to find out how you can influence their behaviour for your business. Third, answer the what. If people want apples, you won’t sell oranges. It’s as simple as that. You can create articles, infographics, videos, podcasts, social media posts, games, and much more. And for each of these there are also multiple possible platforms for them to appear. Streamline your effort to hit the bull’s eye. Provided, bull fits in your TG. Fourth, answer the when. Planning is key. From the vegetable vendor to the CEO, all would agree. There is a time to chalk your content, to post it, analyse and retrospect. Good content strategy means devising metrics to measure all of this accurately, for each piece of content.

So go ahead, content warrior. Jump in the cold and deep waters of content and ride waves. As long as you have these guiding rules of content strategy you’ll be able to navigate your way out of it. Maybe, even succeed.